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Private Medical Insurance

Please contact your insurance company prior to your consultation or treatment to obtain authorisation and make note of any excess on your policy. Please have your membership and or policy details to hand, along with your authorisation code, prior to making an appointment. Please note; where all costs are not covered by your insurance policy, any outstanding balances are the responsibility of the patient. Dundonald Consulting Rooms cannot be held responsible for non-payment of claims made to your insurance company on your behalf.

Self -Funded

If you choose to pay for treatment yourself, you do not need to have health insurance. Appointments can be paid for on an individual basis. Consultations are payable on the day of your appointment - reception staff will be able to advise you. Payments can be made via credit/debit card, cheque or cash. For Outpatient treatment or tests, fees may be invoiced separately by Dundonald Consulting Rooms and your Consultant.

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